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Presentation ADFERO

Adfero is the UK's leading dedicated online news provider.

Home to a number of the UK's foremost online news brands, such as inthenews.co.uk, myfinances.co.uk, and politics.co.uk, Adfero has been publishing news to a digital readership since the internet first emerged in the late 1990s.

Drawing on its extensive news infrastructure, Adfero is also a major supplier of news and information to businesses, not-for-profit organisations and governmental bodies in the UK, Europe and North America.

Having grown from our initial base as a specialist provider of political news, we now report on virtually every aspect of the economic and social polity. This coupled with the company's expertise in finance and travel, and its traditional breadth of coverage in the areas of sport and popular culture, has seen Adfero establish itself as one of the UK's leading news agencies.

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