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Presentation STOKES

The Stokes Research Institute has grown out of the research work of its director Professor Mark Davies over the past 16 years. Initially this was focused on gas turbine flows and heat transfer in electronic systems. It has now grown, under the leadership of Dr. Jeff Punch, to include all significant issues in electronic systems reliability and energy management, and, under the leadership of Dr. Tara Dalton to include design innovation in the genetic diagnosis of cancer.

The Institute is now a multidisciplinary, multinational group of scientists and engineers working in close collaboration with many industries, hospitals and government organisations. Its funding is almost all won in open competition. Its members have every reason to thank the Irish government agency Enterprise Ireland for its support over the past 15 years. It is only this long term commitment to a group that allows for the necessary development of human and capital resources.

We have every expectation that the growth of the past 15 years will be repeated, both in the Institute's absolute size and in the breadth and diversity of problems that it addresses.

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