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"Best or good developers do try other companies which offer real innovative coding possibilities and evolution. Here pure legacy... you loose your market value. Passionate go away, or you kill it... Finance guys go in banks or other financial institutions if you can. Banks and financial institutions drive this company... Very flat organisation makes it impossible to evolve. Very very few, 2 or 3, managers have qualities to grow people. Most of them do not want to loose their job. Elitist but no soul. Work life balance, you have to struggle daily for that. Salary and comp is higher than in other software houses... but it is really not worth loosing your soul."

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Ile-de-France Gestion de projet IT Consultant Intégration 39 988 €
Ile-de-France Développement/Programmation Développeur 54 984 €
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Every day, thousands of users in banks, asset managers, corporations and utilities rely on Murex people and Murex solutions to support their capital markets activities across asset classes. For years now, Murex has consistently been recognised as a solid leader in software development for trading, risk management and processing.

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