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Midi-Pyrenées Aéronautique Ingénieur Contrôle Moteur 39 988 €
Midi-Pyrenées Génie Electrique/Electrotechnique/Electronique Ingénieur Conception Système Aéronautique 33 490 €
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Presentation AEROCONSEIL

25 years of passionate involvement in aeronautics

Aeroconseil was founded in 1984 by Max Fischl. After more than 40 years of experience as a pilot, the man who flew the first A 300-B- Airbus flight in 1972 established a consulting firm which grew rapidly.

Since its creation in 1984, Aeroconseil has become an acknowledged and unique provider of aeronautical services
This is because Aeroconseil is the only company in the sector whose services cover the whole of an aircraft’s life cycle, from design through to operation and possible conversion. This broad spectrum of activity sets Aeroconseil apart as a unique and original player in the aeronautics sector. This experience enables the Group to provide customised assistance to :

- aircraft manufacturers for their Design Office and Customer Support activities;
- systems and equipment suppliers in the various phases of system development;
- airline companies, by applying the standards of manufacturers and OEMs, whether in maintenance and modifications or in producing the documents necessary to ensure the longevity of the aircraft;
- aircraft owners and lessors, with tracking of aircraft compliance and asset management;
- maintenance centres, with expertise in programme management and modification.

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